A*teens Thailand

2 January 2003
New Arrival By A*TeeNS

For our Time Has Come The A*TeeNS Will release the Albums name
New Arrival on this 27 Jan 2003 For Sure see the Cover
And here are the Tracks
1. Floorfiller
2. Have A Litte Faith In Me
3. Shame Shame Shame
4. Let Your Heart Do All The Talking
5. A Perfect Match
6. The Letter
7. Cross My Heart
8. In The Blink Of An Eye
9. School's Out
10. Closer To Perfection (Album version)
11. Shangri-La
12. One Night In Bangkok
13. Can't Help Falling In Love
14. Heartbreak Lullaby
if you wanna pre-order it Click here To the Shop
A*TeeNS Next Single
Today we Got some Rumour about their Next Single which could be
Closer To The Perfection Due to the New Albums <New Arrival>
Have this Track in Albums Version
But we will get to know more on THis Soon Keep Checking it....

3 January 2003
Watch out !! for Dhani In Thailand
The new year has started out well, from now on you better watch out for Dhani on the roads.
Early this morning, Swedish time, Dhani passed the final exam for his drivers license.
A very happy Dhani reported by phone from Arlanda-Airport on his way to Thailand for a one-weeks
relaxation in the sun. So watch out.. Dhani might be driving by you some day soon.
A-teens.com will do a testdrive with Dhani soon, and if we survive,
we will report about how it went here on the website.

 5 January 2003

A*TeeNS On Vocation

At last The A*TeeNS Have A little time to spend for a Couple of Week
As all we know Dhani Avoid the Cold of Sweden and Coming to Thailand
But the Other Spend their Holiday in Sweden Hope they will
Have the Best Rest Cuz After release New Arrival They Will go on Tour
Not just Sweden but All around the World

 6 January 2003

New Arrival will release in Thailand before Sweden

I t Was Today that UniverSal Music Thailand Had Annouce that The Albums
New Arrival Will release in Thailand for Sure on 24 Jan 2003 with this Cover too
That Before Sweden Too..Ha ha ha <Kidding> And the track list are
1. Floorfiller
2. Have A Litte Faith In Me
3. Shame Shame Shame
4. Let Your Heart Do All The Talking
5. A Perfect Match
6. The Letter
7. Cross My Heart
8. In The Blink Of An Eye
9. School's Out
10. Closer To Perfection (Album version)
11. Shangri-La
12. One Night In Bangkok
bonus 2 Songs
13. Can't Help Falling In Love
14. Heartbreak Lullaby

and the price was 399 Baht <9 Us Dollar> Pretty Cheap ha
And All thai Fans don't 4 Get to Buy this Coolest Albums too
You will need to know that A*TeeNS Are Cool!!!

8 January 2003
New Arrival is the Third or Forth Albums ??
Due to the Many Confusetion That what if Pop' TiL you Drop is the 3 Albums
So New Arrival would be 4 Albums isn't it ??
The Answer is No Pop' TiL you Drop and New Arrival are the A*TeeNS Third
Albums Sure that It don't have the Same Cover and New Arrival have
Tracklists that not Match with Pop' TiL You Drop too
So where did this 2 Version will release ???
as i know now that PTYD will release in US German and Mexico ONly
and New Arrival will release in Every place that PTYD not Come out
So if you live in US and really want this Albums i Suggest you to By it @
http://www.skivhugget.se it was a Sweden CD Shop you will Get it there
A*TeeNS Tour Date
A-Teens will be on tour from March 2'nd, starting in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Dates are not set yet more than for the concert in Stockholm on March 7'th,
Helsinki Finland and Oslo Norway are also included during March.

9 January 2003
Congratulation To The A*TeeNS

A*TeeNS Won some place in Disney Adventures Years Best Music! l today.
+ A*Teens song, "Can't Help Falling In Love",
won 1st place for Best Soundtrack song for Lilo and Stich.
+ They also won 2nd place for best band ( they beat N*Sync and Smash Mouth),
+ Floorfiller also won 4th place for Best Song To Dance
+ They also won 4th place for album of the year! (Avril beat them of course!)
There is also an interview with Sara, and a short A*Teens comic!
A*Teens quote, "To be as big as Elvis, that's our goal.

11 January 2003
American Music Awards

The A*TeeNs Songs Can't Help Falling in Love has been Nominate
for the Best Soundtrack Awards in The AmeriCan Music Awards Which
will be Annual on This Monday <USA Time Zone>
Don't Forget to watch it and Cheer Our A*TeeNS That Can the Mortal
Elvis Presley Song Send Them to be The Top 1
Good Luck A*TeeNS !!!!!!!

14 January 2003
A*TeeNS on Viva Interactive and TOTP
On Thursday the A*Teens will be on VIVA Interactive from 3pm on. They
will perform "Floorfiller" and on Saturday you can see a live performance of
"Floorfiller" at "Top Of The Pops" on RTL.
And For the American Music Awards A*TeeNs Lost Spiderman But
A*TeeNs Still The Best for Us Right ?

16 January 2003
A*TeeNS At Lord of The Ring 2

For a Fews Week that A*TeeNS Have their own time for Some Vocation
They Decide to go Watch Lord of the Ring <The Two Tower>
Dhani Says that "We don't have time to do something as a Group
Cause all of Us have Something to do on our time too So we decide to
watch this Movie all together"

23 January 2003
The A*TeeNS News for 5 Days
Finally i Was Out From the Camp Hell I was so Tired and Miss some A*TeeNS News
So Today i'm Gonna Mix the 5 Days News to be 1
- Meet A*TeeNS Nordiska Kompaniet, NK, in Stockholm

This Thursday, January 23rd at 17.00 A-Teens will perform in "Ljusgorden"
at Nordiska Kompaniet, NK, in Stockholm.
The performance and the following autograph-signing is a part of the "Bjorn Borg-days"
held there during this week.So if you are near Stockholm on Thursday,
this is your chance to see the A-Teens perform out in public.
It has also been made official that the Nordic tour in March will include a concert in Copenhagen,
Denmark on March 1stand one in Helsinki, Finland on March 5th.
- New Arrival release Date had been Postpone Again !
The swedish releasedate for the new album New Arrival has been changed to January 28th.
And in Thailand Has been Changed to 7 Febuary 2003
- A*Teens Live in Germany

ok !!! The A*TeeNS Show Down in Germany was So Great.
Both of the Performance CHFIL in TOTP and Floorfiller in Viva Interactive
And The Planet A*TeeNS Got the Video from TOTP for
A*TeeNS Fans Too.... Click here to Download it
- A*TeeNS . Com Open InterA*ctive Zone
A* Teens .Com had open this new Section With the Song Clips
From New Arrival and All of the PhotoShot Wanna C It ??? Kick Here ro See

26 January 2003
A*TeeNS Next Single !
There are Some Rumour About the Next Single
As you May know that A*TeeNS have a plan to Cuba Shooting a New MV
but they haven't Decide yet that what Song should they Pick
And the A*TeeNS.Com Board have a Rumour that
Let Your Heart Do all The Talking will be Next Single
Big Update !!
A lot is happening right now for A-Teens, its gonna be a really busy week.
Sara Say's #4 is up, A-Teens.com InterA*ctive has been updated,
and a schedule of the promotion tour in Sweden is offical.
- Sara Says Back Again with a New Year Moment
- InterA*Ctive in A*TeeNS.Com was Update with a New Photo and 3 VDO shot
- A*TeeNS.Com 's E- Card Update a New Pics
- It is now official that A-Teens are embarking on a promotional tour in Sweden,
performing their single "Floorfiller" and signing autographs as well.
A-Teens will be visiting the following places around the country:
Kick Here To see All the Detail of this promo Dates

31 January 2003
Thailand New Arrival have a Surprise

As All Thai Fans May know that New Arrival will release on 7 Feb 2003
And Today P' Toey From UniverSal Thailand have a Surprise for all
the Fans Too That is New Arrival will have a Distribute Stuff .
It is the A*TeeNS Special 3 Stuff from New Arrival
There are 1. A*TeeNS CD Case 2. A*TeeNS Clock 3. They haven't told me
what it Could be and For all the Detail how to Get all this Stuff will be Annouce on
7 Feb 2003 be Sure to Check this out and i has ask this for stuff 1 Set
to Give away for the Fans in This site
Pop ' TiL You Drop May be the Third for Japan
The Hmv.co.jp have a very special CD
as i expect the UniverSal Japan will release PTYD on 19 Feb 2003 with their own
Version like the Teen Spirit in Japan but now we really don't know
any information it just there on the Site so when we know anything more
we will told u First
New Arrival Release now !

Now the Albums New Arrival has been release in Sweden
and if anyfans can't wait that long you can order it from the Online Web Site
But if you live in THailand plzz wait to buy it here and may be
you can get the Distribute Stuff too.