A*teens Thailand

4 Febuary 2003
A*TeeNS Going to Cuba and the Next MV is A Perfect Match

This morning Sara, Dhani, Amit & Marie left to Cuba to record the musicvideo
for their new single "A Perfect Match"
The musicvideo for "A Perfect Match" i being shot in Cuba during this week.
The video is expected to be finished in mid/end of February. Of course,
you'll be able to watch it here at A-Teens.com as usual.
On February 15th, A-Teens will appear in the swedish TV4 programme "Bingolotto".
Last week the group had a "signing tour" in the north of Sweden and yesterday
they ended it in Taby Centrum in Stockholm.
The place was totally filled with fans and Sara, Dhani, Amit & Marie was kept busy signing
autographs for more than an hour.
Eventually there will be a signing in Gothenburg around the weekend Feb.
15th, keep checking back for more info.
Finally Japan have to release New Arrival
The Hmv Japan have Change the CD Order from PTYD <Japan> To
New Arrival <Japan> that would be release on 3 March 2003

5 Febuary 2003
A-Teens scandinavian tourschedule has been changed
Yet another date has been added for Sweden
and now they're also going to Russia for one concert.
The new tourschedule:
March 2nd - Sweden, Gothenburg, Lisebergshallen
March 3rd - Denmark, Copenhagen, Amager Bio
March 4th - Sweden, Lund, Mejeriet
March 7th - Sweden, Stockholm, Annexet
March 9th - Russia, Moscow
This means that the previous announced date for Helsinki/Finland has been cancelled Sorry!!!
A Perfect Match Single Version
As we mentioned yesterday, A-Teens are in Cuba this week to record
the musicvideo for the next single "A Perfect Match".
The single version is a remixed version of the one on the album
"New Arrival". Wanna listen to it? Click here!
(As usual you need to have RealPlayer 8 or later in order to listen).

8 Febuary 2003
"New Arrival" enter the swedish album charts

A-Teens new album "New Arrival" entered the swedish album
charts as #4 today.
A-Teens are on Cuba this week to record the musicvideo
for the upcoming single "A Perfect Match".
You'll be able to watch the video on a-teens.com in a couple of weeks.
On Saturday, February 15th, A-Teens will appear in swedish
TV4 Bingolotto and in March their scandinavian tour is about to begin.
New Arrival Arrival in Thailand
Yeah Yesterday New Arrival release in Thailand
But it late a Bit Cuz i know that it Just in Store in the Evening
So if you all listen to this New Brillent Albums Don't 4 Get to reviews it on the
Webboard To let us know what do u think about it .

11 Febuary 2003
New Arrival Promo CD
Finally i Got it the New Arrival promo CD But Honestly
this CD was look like th Albums CD But in THe CD it say
Promotion only Not for Sale But i'm Glad to have it one
Update Lyrics :: I just know that my Lyrics was So Bad
Cuz When i Check it oh god it Wrong all of Them
But now i Fix it So Enjoy it

13 Febuary 2003
A*TeeNS are Back to Sweden

A*TeeNS are Back to Sweden Now and Dhani got some message to told you
Whatsup guys?!!
We just got back home from cuba where we did the video for "Perfect match".
We had such a blast! Worked with great people, had some really nice days off at the beach,
and got really great shoots for the video. We hope it turns out great.
Hope all of you guys doing great.
Talk to you soon!!

One Love , Dhani
After that A*TeeNs will have a Rehearsal for Scandinavian Tour
with Their Dancer in Clude Charles Klapow.
Bad Rumour :: Amit gonna leave the Band

There a Rumour from A*TeeNS .Com Board that
Amit gonna leave the Band But not for the Solo Carrer it like
he Don't want it anymore i hope this rumour is not true.

14 Febuary 2003
Buy MTv Trax Get free VCD >Floorfiller<
Last Few Day Mtv Thailand have Release their own Magazine
Name "MTv Trax" and the Very Special thing on this
is the Free VCD that come wiht the Book In the VCD are
Full of Music Video and one of them are Floorfiller So if you
want this CD just Buy MTv Trax which Cost 70 Baht <1.5 US.>

15 Febuary 2003
Sara Pass her Driving Test
Earlier today Sara passed her driving-test. It's been reported
by sources inside the 4 in the bandthat Sara passed her final exam
for her driving licens and finally can drive around by herself.
A-Teens.com has been trying to reach Sara for an comment
but she is busy with rehearsals for tomorrows performance
on the Swedish tv-show "Bingolotto".

22 Febuary 2003
Update Gallery & A*TeeNS RehearSal
Yeah ToDay is the Day that Gallery Have Been Update Again
So as you may know the New Coming Contest that we Mention it
will be Held on Wednesday Don't 4 Get 2 Check it out
And for now you may Notice that there no A*TeeNS News That
Because A*TeeNS are Doing their RehearSal for Scandinavian Tour
with Dancer and Marie wanna told her Fans that She really Miss Ya

24 Febuary 2003
A*TeeNS Gonna be on Tour Soon
On March 2'nd in Gothenburg, Sweden, A-Teens starts off the
"New Arrival" scandinavian tour. A-Teens has been rehearsing
with the band since last monday and all the dancers joined up
later during the week. Refreshing the old and adding the new songs takes up
all the time for the A-Teens this last week before going on tour.

25 Febuary 2003
Premier of A Perfect Match

The production of the new video "A Perfect Match" will be ready
on Wednesday, ZTV's show, Wimans will be the first to air
the it and that with the A-Teens in the studio, presenting it.
A-Teens will also be on SVT's Spinn on Thursday to talk
about the video and the upcoming tour.