MARCH 2003
A*teens Thailand

2 March 2003
A Perfect Match VDO

Today A Perfect Match MV was online At A*TeeNS.Com
I have 2 Say that this MV was awesome i really love it
and i have 2 Choice for you all
- Online Video <Real player> Kick Here
- Download Video <Planet A*TeeNZ> Kick here

4 March 2003
A*TeeNs on Tour + A Perfect Match Single

As you may know Last Sunday in Gothenburg was the premiere
for the swedish tour. Today (Tuesday) they will play in
Lund and on Saturday in Stockholm.
The premiere-gig this last Sunday in Gothenburg went
just great. After 4 years A-Teens are finally back touring in Sweden.
The band has now two gigs left in Sweden,
before they leave to Moscow/Russia to play on March 9th.
On March 17th the "A Perfect Match"-single will be released in Sweden.
The CD-Maxi includes an extended version, a club mix and the song "Singled out"
(previously released on the "Pop 'til you drop" album in the U.S.).
MV "Can't Help Falling in Love Puppy Version"

add new Music Video
"Can't Help Falling in Love" in download page

8 March 2003
Single A Perfect Match Cover

This is the Cover of A*TeeNs New Single A Perfect Match
which would be release in Sweden on 17 March 2003
Once again the Single was include Radio version , Extended version,
A Club Remix and Bonus Track = Singled Out
and this picture that we brought it for you is the Closer picture in
Single Cover from PhotoShot 2003
And the online Music Area will be Update Soon keep Check it out !

9 March 2003
Upside Down in Piglet ' s Big Movie

Iíve heard quite a few reports of Bouncing Off The Ceiling by the A*Teens
being featured in TV commercials for Pigletís Big Movie.
Iím pretty sure the song is just used in the commercial I'll have the official confirmation in a week.

13 March 2003
The Story about A*TeeNz Dancer

Charles been the A-teens exclusive choreographer since November of the
year 2000. Kevin was one of the dancers along with Alison Faulk and Chucky
during the 2000 Danish tour and the 2000 summer tour in which we opened
for Britney Spears on her Ooops I Did It Again Tour. Kevin was in the
Upside Down and Dancing Queen videos. Christian took Kevin's spot
and Kimberly (Charles' s sister) took Alison's spot and with me still in place,
the Presh Pish Dancers were born.
Christian, Kim and Charles were the A-teens dancers during the
Aaron/A-Teens Tour (Summer 2001), German tour with No Angels (Fall 2001)
and during the Pop Til You Drop Tour (Summer 2002).
Christian left after the NY Nabisco
show we did in the Fall of 2002 to pursue school full time and we replaced
him with Grant Lorenzo to form the latest version of the Presh Pish Dancers.
Grant, Kimberly and Charles just got back from Europe last night where
we performed 5 shows with the A-teens.
Three in Sweden (plus one rehearsal/show in a small club in
Stockhom before the main shows), and one more show in Moscow, Russia.
Both Kevin and I are good friends with Wade and yes Kevin and Wade
teach occasionally at the same studio
M Tv Thailand Give away A*TeeNz Promo Stuff

Today Me and My Friedns go to M Tv Thailand Building for pick up
My A*TeeNz Promo Stuff there are The Clock Sorry that i Can't
Scan that Clock it too Big and CD Water Case Hope A*TeeNs Fan will
want it Cuz it very very Cool

16 March 2003
A Perfect Match Tracklist of 2 CD

Single A Perfect Match which will be release on 17 March 2003
will release with 2 CD there are Maxi CD & Single CD
CD Maxi
1 Perfect Match (Radio Version)
2 Perfect Match (Extended Version)
3 Perfect Match (Tranceglobal Club Mix)
4 Singled Out
CD Single
1 Perfect Match (Radio Version)
2 Perfect Match (Extended Version)
3 Slam

A*TeeNs Pics @ Cuba

A*TeeNs.Com have add a New Set of A*TeeNs Pics from
- Cuba
- Fryshuset
- Annexet
Click at the Follow Link to see them all.

17 March 2003
Release Date of APM & Na in Germany

Polydor told us some minutes ago that the release date for
"A Perfect Match" in Germany will be the 22th April 2003.
"New Arrival" is dated 19th March 2003. The dates can change under

22 March 2003
A Perfect Match Music Video -- Download

now, you can download music video
in download page

23 March 2003
A PerFect Match Make A*TeeNs Very Busy !!

After release Music Video of A Perfect Match our A*TeeNs
go on Busy Working Time <Again> Every Tv Show in
sweden Want A*TeeNs to be at their how cool that is
First Start with Promo Break Short and Sign Session
14 place in Sweden and On Last Saturday The USA Radio Disney
Just Opening a Premier of A*TeeNs News Single "A Perfect Match"
That may make A*TeeNs go to USA to Promote it.
And Follow with A*TeeNs.Com and P3 Track are Coordinating
on the Give away The Signed 3 Single and 2 Albums
Contest By Vote APM at
Between Saturday 15.00 and Monday 12.00

26 March 2003
Amit' New Hair Cut

This was very Surprise When A*TeeNs Fans Saw Amit new Hair Cut
He decided to Change his Hair style to Skin Head
like he was in Teen Spirit That make his fans go Crazy !!

28 March 2003
Bunch of A*TeeNs Pics

Today we got 2 Gallery of A*TeeNs to Show you
One is Promo Tour & Signing Session
and another is Interview with Ztv Hope you love it
A*TeeNz and Radio Disney are a perfect match
According to listeners, A*Teens and Radio Disney are A Perfect Match.
Over the weekend their latest European single debuted and
had one the highest approval ratings to date. 87% of Radio Disney
listeners called in to say - it ROCKSÖ and I agree!