APRIL 2003
A*teens Thailand

1 April 2003
A Perfect Match is challenger !

This week A-Teens "A Perfect Match" is challenger in Spinn topp 10,
so we need you to vote like crazy!!
During the past weekend, A-Teens, Mendez & Shebang
was in the Stockholm area performing and signing their new singles.
For those of you who wasn't able to get there
can still see some photos here.
Anyway, A Perfect Match is challenger in this weeks SVT Spinn topp 10.
We need your help by voting like crazy on
Spinn's website, http://spinn.svt.se
You need to have a web-account on Spinn's website to be able to vote,
but it's free to create one and doesn't take much time.

6 April 2003
A Perfect Match Result !

This week on A Perfect Match here is a Result
- The Swedish single sales chart = No.2
- P3 Track = No.7
- The Swedish hitlist = No. 3

9 April 2003
Dhani on Vocation to Thailand again , Sara Says Vol 6

After Been working hard for a While Finally A*TeeNS
have a Spring Time to Relax as usual Dhani Went to Thailand
Marie , amit and Sara are Home in Sweden just relax
but Amit Still go on Class . Today Sara Update her Column
Sara Says and it all about "What's going on" you can
read it on the Interview page or Kick here

10 April 2003
Sexiest Woman in Sweden

She’s at it again! Marie Serneholt of the A-Teens
has once again been nominated as one of the
Sexiest Women in Sweden by Sweden’s Cafe Magazine.
Currently subscribers are voting on their favorite nomination.
The totals will be posted next month.

12 April 2003
Apple may Buy UniverSal Music Groups
It's been revealed that Apple Computer is in talks with
Vivendi Universal to buy Universal Music Group
(which includes MCA, A-Teens), the world's largest record company.
A deal of this nature would give them a unique opportunity
to create a standard for digital distribution.

17 April 2003
A Perfect Match Challenge on MTv up North !

A Perfect Match has finally made it to MTV Up North!
Be sure to head on over to the MTV Up North Website
and put in your vote for the A*Teens
(in the challengers section).
Click here to give them your support ?
what are you waiting for, do it NOW!

22 April 2003
It's an A*TeeNsTH Day

Today is 1 Year Anniversary for A*TeeNsTH
We been here with you for one Year. I'm Really Glad
that our Web Site had Online for one Year and will
saty this Way For a Long long time...
Thnx for every Support from the Fans
A*TeeNs May On Tour Again !

After been rest for a While A*TeeNs May
Get Dress and go on Tour Again
it's an information given by their German recordcompany Polydor
Next week they're going to Mallorca for some promotion
afterwards they are gonna be in Germany/Munich for 3 days
(Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th)
A*TeeNs Rumour : Dunk & Marie / Ak & A*TeeNs

Today we have 2 A*TeeNs Rumour for U
First is Marie and Duncan <BLUE>
That he make a New Date With Marie in Sweden
Like they Falling in Love Again and the weird one is
About Dunk even told Swedish Magazine that
I'm Wanna have Sex with Marie But this is only a Rumour

This isn't official but this has been reported by an Atomic Kitten fan...
For those who don't know, Atomic Kitten's 1st U.S. album is out this
Tuesday and many U.S. fans are upset Virgin isn't promoting it more.
After calling Virgin Records a few times, this has been reported...
Calling Virgin America up, they say that AK will be coming to stores nationwide,
to do signings in June. April will be sent doing Radio/TV shows to promote
'The Tide Is High' which is playing now on U.S. Disney Radio and soon
the video to come on the Disney Channel.
May will apparently see some live shows where they will perform 4-5 songs
from the album 'Atomic Kitten' out here on April 22nd.
This is also going to be sponsored by Disney, and will also
feature A*Teens, B2K, and Solange!
Vote for Marie The Sexy Girl in Sweden

Let Vote for Marie to be the Sexiest Girl in Sweden Click Here
Hope Marie will win it !

23 April 2003
A*TeeNs Confirm Go on Tour

The band is now on the sunny island of Mallorca off the coast of Spain.
Or at least on the island of Mallorca since they seem to have left the sun
behind back home in Sweden...
This week is all about promotion for Germany, they are doing photoshoots
for various German magazines during their stay on Mallorca.
After this first day Amit reported; "The weather could have been a bit warmer,
it was warmer back home in Sweden, we are freazing our butts off doing
photoshoots in the water here."
A-Teens will leave Spain and Mallorca this Friday to continue this
promotrip on to Germany and will stay there during this upcoming weekend.

29 April 2003
Dhani is not Gay!

This photo can make sure for Dhani fans that
He isn't Gay The Girl in the photo is Fillipa
his lastest Ex Girlfriends they broke up
in Feb. 2001 So Dhani is Single
A*TeeNs in Mallorca

They have a Great time in Mallorca.
A*TeeNs have a little Tour time but they still have
a very best time together.