MAY 2002
A*teens Thailand

3 May 2002
Big news from A*

First it was ABBA now it's the King. The first A*Teens single is the Elvis Presley tune,
"Can't Help Falling in Love" - The New Album,
Pop Til You Drop now drops on June 18, 2002. Get ready kids!
The launch of the new album starts in THIS MONTH with the release
of "Can't Help Falling In Love" the first single and video.
The song is also part of the Disney blockbuster film, Lilo & Stitch which hits theaters June 21
The New Album, Pop Til You Drop hits the stores onJune 18, 2002

5 May 2002
A*teens Tour date

23 May 02 - USA: A-Teens will be performing their new single
"Can't Help Falling In Love" from their forthcoming album
"Pop Til You Drop" on Nickelodeon's Slime Time Live on May 23rd!!
They will also co-host the show Tune in May 23rd from 4 - 6 pm!

20 May 2002
Pop Til you Drop CD Cover

Here is the Cover of the News A*teens CD "Pop Til you Drop"
Which will be release on June , 18 , 2002and you can Pre order
it @ this website

21 May 2002
Pop TiL You Drop Track list
That is the tracklisting of the new A*TEENS
album "Pop 'til you drop" (US-Version):
1. Floorfiller 3:13
2. Can't Help Falling In Love 3:04
3. Let Your Heart Do All The Talking 3:24
4. Closer To Perfection 3:11
5. This Year 2:52
6. Hi And Goodbye 4:13
7. Slam 3:04
8. Cross My Heart 3:35
9. Singled Out 4:13
10. Oh, Oh... Yeah 3:04
11. In The Blink Of An Eye 3:30
12. School's Out 3:02
A*Teens Wrap Video Shoot

Pictured left to right: Marie Serenholt, Amit Paul, Gregory Dark,
video director; Sarah Lumholdt, Dhani Lennevald

Santa Monica, California, May 20, 2002 - After Elvis left the building,
the A*Teens came in to do justice to one of the King's all-time classics,
"Can't Help Falling In Love," the debut single off the MCA vocal quartet's
new album, Pop ‘Til You Drop. The group recently wrapped shooting the
video version of the single, which was filmed in Santa Clarita, CA,
with director Gregory Dark. The video should reach outlets by late May,
while the album hits stores June 18. The A*Teens will be performing
“Can’t Help Falling In Love” May 23 on Nickelodeon’s “Slime Time Live.”
"Can't Help Falling In Love" will also be heard on the soundtrack to the
upcoming Disney animated feature "Lilo & Stich," which tells the story of a
lonely earthbound girl and her mischievous alien companion.
This marks the first time the A*Teens have contributed music to a Disney feature.
"Lilo & Stitch" premieres in theaters nationwide on June 21.

Marie Serneholt, Sara Lumholdt, Dhani Lennevald, and Amit Paul comprise A*Teens,
whose premiere single "Mamma Mia" reached #1 in many European countries in 1999,
including their native Sweden. The group's 1999 debut album
The Abba Generation sold many millions of copies around the world,
as did their follow-up album from 2000, Teen Spirit. The A*Teens have toured the U.S .
with such stars a NSYNC, Britney Spears, and Aaron Carter. Their third album, Pop ‘Til You Drop,
was produced by a cross-section of leading Scandinavian writers/producers,
and features several songs co-written by members of the group.
Radio Disney

A-Teens latest single "Can't help falling in love" is #19
this week on Radio Disney's Top 30 Countdown.
Do you want to hear more of the new A-Teens single
"Can't help falling in love"?
Then you should definitely request it @
The song is also part of the Disney blockbuster film,
Lilo & Stitch which hits theaters June 21

22 May 2002
Pop Til You Drop rumour

In Every A*teens Board Their fan have A very confuse about
the New A*teens Albums track Cuz In
and have a pre-order of the new albums and the track
of CD have 17 track But in every news have 12 track
and the truth is it will have 12 tracks 4 sure cuz this new was from MCA Record

25 May 2002
Official New About PTYD From

The US-version from A-Teens new album "Pop 'til you drop" contains
12 songs but the tracklistings in US internet shops say that there
will be 17 tracks on it. But it is official that there will be 12 tracks on
the new album. The other songs (Have A Little Faith In Me, One Of A Kind,
Shangri La, Are You Ready, Sugar, Bounce With Me, Pacific Dreaming, Beatbuster,
Color Me Gone) can be used as bonus-tracks on different singles,
the other possibility would be that there is a new version (like Teen Spirit) where
you will find the bonus-tracks (PERHAPS!!).
Last thursday the A*TEENS co-hosting Nikelodeon's Slime
Time where they performed their new single "Can't help fallin' in love".
The release date of A*TEENS new album in Europe isn't decided yet,
the management first think of the breakthrough in the US
(the management concentrate on the US market).

29 May 2002
Can't Help Falling in Love Video

Puppy Dogs, A*Teens and an Elvis tune...
what more could you possibly want? Peep the
"Can't Help Falling In Love" video
- Directed by Gregory Dark.

31 May 2002

Pop TiL' You Drop Promo CD

Here is a Cover of The Brand New A*teens
Promo CD of Pop TiL' You Drop which release
for promo only and not for sale
Try to have it A*teens Fans