MAY 2003
A*teens Thailand

6 May 2003
A*Teens New Single "Bounce with Me"

Buy the new Popdrinks and get an exclusive A-Teens single
"Bounce with me". You won't be able to buy this single.
At the following places, A-Teens till have Meet n' Greets
to sign the "Bounce with me" single:
You who drinks Popdrinks also got the chance to win tickets
to an exclusive concert with the A-Teens on August 30th in Stockholm.
Information about the contest is available at,
where you also can listen to the new single!
Arlas milk With A*Teens Diaries

Do you drink Arlas milk? On the backside of the milk carton
you'll find diaries by A-Teens between May 1st and June 30th
--- Drink more milk, kidz!

12 May 2003
New Hair :: Marie and Sara

I've cut my hair a little bit and Sara had an haircut as well
+ she did new highlights. Thanx:)
More on Pop Drinks

As all you may know the Lastert Single of A*Teens
"Bounce with me" is only Availiable in Sweden
To get the CD you have to Buy A Pop Drinks Product
Like Del Monte , JO , Fruktermas Nektar That only
Release in Sweden and for more info on Arla Milk
You can Find The A*Teens Diary on the Back side
of the Milk Box til 1 May - 30 June 2003

16 May 2003
Amit Graduated !!

This Wednesday Amit passed his final exam and its now is a fact;
he just graduated from high school.People have been wondering
about the reason for Amit being a bit overdressed during
the signing in Stockholm, now you know the reason.
He spent the rest of this big day together with family and friends.
Marie in the Third Place for Sexy Woman in Sweden

This past Sunday the magazine Cafe held its annual party
announcing the 69 sexiest women in Sweden And Marie was
voted the third sexiest woman in Sweden.
Photo From Meet n Greet Party in sweden

Yesterday A-Teens held their last Meet n' Greet for the Popdrinks-campaign
at Faltoversten in Stockholm/Sweden.
You'll find photos from the Meet n' Greet at Faltoversten in Stockholm
if you click here!
How 2 Get Bounce With Me

The exclusive single "Bounce with me" can be yours when you
buy juice from Arla. You'll find the single in ~300 stores in Sweden
where you can buy juice.You can also win tickets to an exclusive
concert in Sweden this summer.
Check out Popdrinks website for more information.
(Valid for Swedish citizen only)

Date : 20 - 05 - 2003
Update A*TeenSTH.Com

Finally We Proundly Open The New Site in New Concept :: make a different feeling with A*TeeNs
And The Logo Mean Only 1 Site in Thailand that is The sole Survivor
First things that We Change is E-Mail
- was for Every INFO you wanna know
- was for Apply New Member
- was for Join our Contest

And all the Menu Link have Been Change all
Our Site was Packed with Every A*Teens Thing that you Wanna know
And The Download Page have a Special Clip I'm Assure That
You won't see one of This Before !
Umm. Gallery Have Been Update too we add tons of Pics
A*Teens Head To Mexico

A-Teens are going to Mexico between May 16th - June 1st
for three main events...Which We have add to Calendar
A Perfect Match On air in Thailand

Finally The Lastest A*Teens Music Video Have been
On Air in Thailand You can Also Vote for This MV
at MTv and Channel V

Date : 21 - 05 - 2003
A*Teens in Mexico

A*Teens have a Busy time in Mexico for 1 Month
They will have a Rehearsal , Mini Concert and Interview
All of this Month in Mexico
Rumours :: A*Teens Next Single
THere are Rumours from That The A*Teens
Next Single Gonna be "Let your Heart Do All the Talking"
And they may Release the Music Video too.

Date : 22 - 05 - 2003
Confirm : A*Teens Next Single

It's now decided that "Let your heart do all the talking" is
A-Teens next single to be released. B-side will be the t rack ...

... School's out!
The single is about to be released in Sweden within the next
upcoming weeks. Please keep your eyes on for releasedate.

Date : 27 - 05 - 2003
Talking with Amit :: How you been in Mexico ?

Hey guys... stuff is good we are chillin and having some fun
Marie and Sara are going to the Nick Carter consert here tonight while me
and Dhani are gonna get our butts over to a movietheatre and see
the Matrix Revolution I am VERY excited about seeing that one
I think it will be absolutely amazing!!!
Basically we are pretty much chillin alot and doing some work
everynow and then, lets put it this way we have very little to complain
on! fans food and weather is all great and me and stefan got to play
an amazing golfcourse this other day so life rocks!
We will probably not release anything this summer, and we will stay
in europe this summer and do touring there, it will be fun for us since
we havent been home for like 4 years, so it will be nice to have a
couple of weeks and experience swedish summer again.
We will release more CDs though and it looks like it will be in the
fall or close to christmas...
HeyI am gonna chill for a year and write songs, maybe start a club
and some other stuff that I have been wanting to do for some time...
Then I dont know, right now I feel for Law and Business or one or
the other... but that will be in a little while depending on what happens,
right now I am just gonna take it easy for a while...
New Single But no New Music Video

The Lastest Single "Let your Heart do all the Talking"
But there are no new Music video like Single the music

Date : 31 - 05 - 2003
Disney Pop CD

Sony Music Thailand have Release The Disney Mania
Version of Thailand have been named as "Disney Pop"
Which you can find Song Under the Sea Sing by The A*Teens.