JUNE 2002
A*teens Thailand

10 June 2002
News Can't Help Falling in Love Video

The Video of the New Disney Cartoon had release it was
Can't Help Falling in Love By A*teens
The Video that you watch From A*teens.com
is the Original Sceen but the disney Video is the other.
Click here to Go to disney page
I recommend that you should see it by UR self

18 June 2002
Pop' Til you Drop Release

18 June 2002 This is the most waiting Day
4 A*teens And this Day has Come Don't Forget
to Buy Brand Albums From A*teens

21 June 2002
A-Teens On ABC

A-Teen will be performing "Can't Help Falling in Love" on ABC tonight.
ABC is showing the premiere of the new Disney movie Lilo and Stitch.
"Can't Help Falling in Love" is the theme to the movie and will be played
while the end credits are rolling. ABC is showing a special called
"Aloha From Hawaii". It's on from 9 - 10 pm 2night June 21. Be sure
to check it out!
A-teens Next Video

the next single for the A*Teens will be for the song Floorfiller.
Last week the A*Teens shot a music video for it (see photo above) at The Loft
in Hollywood. The video was directed by Sanaa Hamari, who's video credits
include Mariah Carey. The A*Teens are embarking on their promotional tour
and will begin to headline their first US Tour within the next three weeks.
For the next four months they will concentrate all of their efforts on the US
(and then eventually head overseas for the European release of Pop 'Til You Drop in September).
Recently Sara was quoted as saying "Our schedule is full as far ahead as
April next year, but we are ready for it." Amit followed up by saying
"Of course it is very nervous, this time more than ever since the recording of this album
has been so expensive and that we are headlining our own tour.
" As stated before at T2, this IS a critical time right now that will make or
break the A*Teens! Fans need to do their best to promote them... and we'll just have
to wait until next week to see where Pop 'Till You Drop shows up on
Billboards Top 200 - this will be a good indicator of how sales will be

A*teens Tourdate
A*Teens add more tour dates. As hinted at here,
it's been confirmed the A*Teens have a show booked at the Historic Orpheum
Theatre in Minneapolis, MN on August 4th. It looks as if the line-up
will include the Baha Men, LMNT, and Jump5 as well.

22 June 2002

Some news from Pop-Cantral
Ok people if you didn't see Lilo and Stitch Aloha from Hawaii,
you missed the best thing in the world. Wynonna and Jessica
Simpson were awesome! Although the A-Teens were the BEST!
They performed their current single "Can't Help Falling in Love" .. although
it wasn't just a performance. They filmed it like a music video!
It had them surfing w/the really fake looking back drops, and they
were driving in a red car.. it was awesome. The best part was when the
lights were dark and A-Teens came out dressed in jump suits like Elvis!
The crowd went wild!!! I have to say A-Teens have gotten to be probably
the best at what they do, and they will just continue getting better!
I'll review more of the show later.. but A-TEENS.. wow.. just amazing!!
I am sure Floorfillers will have vid caps pretty soon. We'll let you know when they do
Little Bit of A*teens from Pop - Central
So as I mentioned earlier ABC aired a special for the Disney movie
"Lilo and Stitch". The music was full of celebrity interviews and performances.
Wynonna did really good on stage singing her versions of Elvis songs.
There was a live band backing her, and it was awesome. Jessica simpson
performed "Love Me Tender". This was done in the format of a music video,
and was wicked good. It was shot in Hawaii, and some scenes were in the mountains,
on a dock by the ocean and on the beach. Jessica's powerful voice made
this song soo incredibly beautiful! The Kameahmeah School Childrens chorus
also did a video thing for the song they did on the soundtrack "Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride".
This was also shot in Hawaii, and was set on the beach. It also had clips of surfers
(I think it was Kelly Slater). Now.. A-Teens.. they had to steal the show! They did great!
I was in shock when I saw them come on. I thought it was just going to be a live performance,
but nooo.. if you know A-Teens they have to do a show.. and they did.
They started off "live" they were miming, but still its ok. Then it went to scenes
of them surfing and in a old red car. It was done like in the Britney
Spears pepsi commercial.. something from the late 50's early 60's.
Really fake looking! But it was great!! Then, when the song was almost done
there was a drum part.. and the lights went on and they the A-Teens were.
IN JUMPSUITS! The crowd cheered really loud at this point and they finished
their song dressed as Elvis! I laughed so hard, because they looked like fools.
But I love them anywayz! :) This was definately worth watching! As I said before,
Floorfillers one of our affiliates will definately have vid caps soon for this!!
They may even have a video.. they are the best site for exclusive A-TEENS material!

24 June 2002
Tickets for the A*Teens with Baha Men, LMNT, and Jump5 at the Historic
Orpheum Theatre (Minneapolis, MN) go on Sale Saturday - HOWEVER at
10am tomorrow morning you can buy tickets to the show in advance with
this sneak preview code. Just go to Ticketmaster.com and type in MAMMAMIA.
The sneak preview code is good until June 27th at 3pm.

28 June 2002
A*teens release date in Sweden
In several Swedish newspapers you can read today that Pop til you drop
will be released in Europe on October 28th.See the swedish article!!
A*Teens - Pop 'Til You Drop debuts at 45 in the US-Billboard-Charts!COOOL!
(This is the highest debut they have ever had; even better than Teen Spirit!)