JUNE 2003
A*teens Thailand

Date : 5 - 06 - 2003
A*Teens May on Tour to Asia

The Singapore Magazine just have a Little interview
with A*Teens and we got some detail ..... that is
- You've had great success in the US. What would you attribute that to?
Well, it's a mixture of reasons for our success. We came out at a time
when rock and pop started coming out really strong again.
We're complete opposite of that. We're positive, feel good and
high-energy sort of band. We got on Disney and that propelled us too.
It's a bit to put your finger on it but we were something fresh.
We were not like well-trained artistes. Britney Spears and N'Sync
are such professionals. They don't have glitches and we came along.
Perhaps that got something to do with it.
- You guys have spent so much time on touring.
How was it like being away from your family for so long?
In the beginning, it was really hard to get used to touring and being
away from our families and friends. As a teenager, it was hard.
You get used to it after a while. We have so much on the road now.
We've basically become family now. Dhani could easily be my brother now.
It's like a substitution now.
- What are the future plans for A*Teens?
At the moment, we're just doing promotions all over Europe.
We'll like to start a tour in summer this year. We'd love to go to Asia,
especially Singapore. The record industry is suffering now and
we feel that too. That's why we are doing lots of promotions so that
the album will go well and we can perform for you guys.

Date : 8 - 06 - 2003
Bounce with Me Cover

We have Found the Cover of the Lastest Single From A*Teens
"Bounce with Me" if you live in Sweden it was Easy to Get 1
But if you're not live In Sweden That will be a Hard Thing to Find it
And I'm make a Call to UniverSal Music About
If it possible that A*Teens will come To Thailand
Their Answer is "We're Not Sure But We're Think it Hard
to make that But We'll have a Chance when they went to Asia"

Date : 10 - 06 - 2003
A*Teens Scoop on Channel [V] Thailand

On Wednesday Don't forget to Watch The Special Scoop
of A*Teens on [V] Addict from Channel [V] Thailand
22.30 This Special Scoop Don't have Re-Run Time

Date : 18 - 06 - 2003
A*Teens Take a Break!

After a Hard Working for a Month Finally The A*Teens
are Now Back to Home in Sweden Spend Their
Summer Time Life for a RelaX - - Have Fun!
A*Teens in YAM

A Few Days Ago I'm Found the News Photo Capture from Some
German MagaZine It like a Cartoon Series
You Can Click here to See Them All

Date : 19 -06 - 2003
A Perfect Match (Radio Disney Version)

Welcome back to the States! The A*Teens single Perfect Match
has been added to regular rotation on Radio Disney.
Although be careful singing along… it features a few
family friendly edits…either that or Dhani's tastes have changed.
Two lines have been changed:
"I know the Star Wars (originally: Southpark) Series by Heart"
"You Love Grease baby I love Flash" (originally: Snatch)

Date : 23 -06 - 2003
The Rumour of Asia 2003 Promo Trip and the Truth

After the Rumour Been Revealed That The A*Teens Will have
The Asia 2003 Promo Trips in August Finally the Answer is No
and The Truth is The band is currently in Sweden and has celebrated
"Midsummer"; traditional holidays, with their families, despite other
information from non reliable sources, and have had some well
earned time off from work.The A-Teens will remain in Sweden
for the near future to work on upcoming happenings.
So keep your eyes open if you happen to be in Stockholm
during the summer, you might just spot the A-Teens on the streets.
The A-Teens wishes you all a great summer.. The "Midsummer" holidays
are about to end here in Sweden and the band sends out an hello
to all the fans, hoping you all have a nice summer-vacation.
StockHolm Pride

A-Teens will perform during the opening day, Wednesday July 30th,
during this years Stockholm Pride. The festival that is held in
"Tantolunden" in Stockholm, has grown larger and larger for each year
and can show off with world know artists.
This year A-Teens will have company on the stage by, among many others,
Alcazar and Samantha Fox.In an statement the band says;
" To stand for who you are is both brave and important.
We are happy to be playing during this years Pride.
We support you all and look forward to being a part of a fantastic
Stockholm Pride 2003".