A*teens Thailand

17 July 2002
Pop 'TiL You Drop in Thailand
Now Music one shop had the CD order for Pop' TiL you Drop
A*teens if you want the PTYD - US version you should order
it at Music one Shop the price was about 1000 baht

25 July 2002
Pop TIL' You Drop release date in japan
The PTYD Release Date in Japan is 9th October 2002.Yay!
i know some peeps from Japan and asia were asking when its release was.
This is the domestic release not an import title. this comes from
HMV Japan which is always reliable, they had the correct date and
list for PTYD USA and the various TS and AG albums. Of course, dates are
always subject to change. hope it helps! this is BOUND to have an extra track
or different artwork cover, if TS or AG are anything to go by.
Single Can't help Falling in Love In AUS and EU
In Europe the release date has changed forwardly to August 5th,
and will be on Hollywood Records still, but no news yet if its still a 5 track maxi.
im looking forward to the remixes, they are always better,
like the Sugar Rush ones .
In Australia yay! A*TEENS are going back to Australia! CHFIL is Released
August 12th just in time for LIlo and Stitch there! how cool?!!! they only
got MM in a limited edition Digi Pak case, and the AG totally flopped,
maybe they can make it big everywhere

30 July 2002
My mistake
According to the news that i write it on my site that Single
Can't help Falling love will be release in EU 5 AUG that was
wrong it Change to be Release in Sweden on 2 September
and If you live in Sweden, please start requesting the song
on Wednesday, July 31st.
Pop ' TiL You Drop Tour Poster

This is the promo poster for A*teens Pop'Til you drop tour
which Jump5 , Baha men and LMNT will join this concert too