JULY 2003
A*teens Thailand

Date : 3 - 07 - 2003
MTV Asia Awards 2004

As Some of you may know that If there are Nothing
Wrong Thailand Gonna be the Host for
MTV Asia Awards 2004 and What we wanna tell you
is MTV will Choose The Astist to Join By Their own
That Base on Fans and this may be the Way
to Bring A*Teens to Thailand By Sending your
FeedBack , Vote for the Song and More
To MTV so A*Teens Asia Fans "Let do it Now !!"

Date : 11 - 07 - 2003
Happy Birthday to Marie

Happy Birthday To Marie
Congratulation to You Marie And Wishing you for all
The Happiness in the World and Hope All your Dreams
Will come true !!!!!!
With the Best of Luck and Ton of LOVE
All our love to You

A*Teens Thailand Fanclub

Date : 15 - 07 - 2003
What Did we Do Now ?

Dhani new in love
- Marie have a boyfriend and she say that they have it nice and good together.
- I just fall in love with a girl, Dhani admits and Amit is nooding, he is also dating.
- It's only me that is out on the meetmarket, Sara laughs out loud.
She just broke up with her boyfriend. I don't want a long relationship
right now, but I am more then willing to date, she says.
- I have bought a house with pool on Resaro outside Stockholm,
Sara says, she lives there with her dad.
- Amit choose a apartment On Kungsholmen, in the middle of the city.
I am painting and putting up wallpapers right now.
A-Teens are back on the premierstage

"We were really nervus the first time!"
Back then we weren't that cookie, Marie laughs.
- No we were soft and not distriod, Dhani says.
Sara tells about the big crowd of public that met them.
- It were soooo much people! We were so nervus, we almost felt sick!
But as soon as we went on stage it was just a lot of fun!
Very fast ABBA Teens became A-Teens and the whole world wanted them.
Every year they were busy with touring outside Sweden
when it was time for OKEJ Dagen. When it was in Gothenburg
this year they were in Mexico, but they will come to Grona Lund (Stockholm)!
The new album - a compromise!

A-Teens last album was a bit of a dissapointment.
Together with songs like Floorfiller was it just a bunch of, eh... fillers!
- It is a bit of a compromise Marie admits. We wanted to go
a more muter way, but we still have fans that want the A-Teens sound.
Our fans are older around the world. In Mexico 15, 16 year
old teenagers come to our concerts.
A-Teens in the new issue of OKEJ!!!
The new issue of the swedish magazine OKEJ inform that
A-Teens will perform at "OKEJ-days" on 13th of august,
Grona Lund - 18.00 - 20.00 !!!
This is a big popday in Sweden, with a lot of artist performing.
A-Teens has been there before a long time ago,
when they were still known as ABBA Teens.