A*teens Thailand

1 August 2002
Can't Help Falling in Love CD

Here is the Cover of A*Teens Next Single pretty Cool ha !!
This will release in Sweden on 2 September 2002
I think that it will have a remix of this Song in the CD too and
may have a Video in CD too but 4 Any detail i can't told you
now Cuz i not sure .
FloorFiller MV

Now and had a
Floor Filler MV that was very awesome for A*teens i Love
it So much i wanna tell you that if you wanna see it you
should use Real player about 56 k will be great

11 August 2002

Can't help Falling in Love out now
out now for the new single Can't Help Falling in Love from Dutch you
Can order it at and tomorrow
the Australia version will release will too it had 3 track on
this CD and the Enhance section A*teens Collector
wouldn't miss this one great CD

14 August 2002
New Rumour about Floor Filler
Hi everybody there are some rumour about their next single
that may be Floor Filler . Floorfiller shall be released on September 30th in
Germany but that was not Sure And hey Australia had postpone
the release date of Can't help Falling in love to be 26 August 2002
you can see it on and if any one know
about this news mail to talk with me

18 August 2002

Join the A-Teens on August 19th at 7 p.m. for a one-hour chat prior to
their appearance at the Great New York State Fair. Details about this
chat can be found at
Chat with A*teens for thai Fans
Due to the Chatting with A*teens by NY state fair on 19 Aug 2002 at
7 p.m. but in thailand our time was faster than NY about
12 hours So if thai fans wanna Chat with A*teens this is the
time that i had Calculate for on Tuesday 20 Aug 2002 at 7.00 a.m.
So better wake up early and go to
for chatting with Ur fav A*teens members

19 August 2002
Lilo and Stitch Sound track release in thailand

This CD was now release in thailand and hey
i buy it one and that was very awesome it had 2 CD
one is for listen and another was VCD that had the
A*teens music video(CHFIL) and a little interview just buy it OK

26 August 2002
Truth and rumour about CHFIL single
There are many online Cd shop that post about the pre-order of A*teens
ChFiL that will be 3 Track and the Enhance section (for Australia version)
but now there are many Country that made this single by their company
like this one i got was made in Germany with 3 tracks and no enhance section
and i found one in it was Oz release and had 3 track like Ger
so don't worry about the enhance section Cuz if i know any news i will post it
as soon as i can And you all better wait for the release date of Flooe Fillers and i will too.
Hey now you can order ChFil at See ya!!!

29 August 2002
Can't Help Falling In Love Single
There are a New Rumour About the release of this single
Cuz every A*teens fans want the CD with Enhance 4 Sure
and CD now had release the date of this CD on 3 Sep 2002 but this
CD may be From "Festival" and the CD box may be A paper too
If i know more detail i will post it