A*teens Thailand

5 October 2002
CD Reminder release Date
Don't 4 Get Now the CD had Come
1.Floor Filler promo CD <Release in Germany> Now
2.A*teens Floor Filler DVD Single <Expect 8 Oct 2002> USA
3. Pop' Til You Drop Japan version <Expect 9 Oct 2002> Japan
4. Floor Filler Single (Sweden) <No Detail> Sweden

6 October 2002
Marie Solo On the A*teens
The Entertainment Media in Sweden is speculating a
lot about an upcoming solo career for Marie Serneholt.
The rumor was renewed last week when in an interview
with Marie she didn't confirm that there will be another A*Teens album.
When asked about the next release she said "We haven't decided yet."
Can't Help Falling In Love by the A*Teens remains at 13 on the Swedish
Singles Chart this week. The video for Floorfiller is in heavy rotation
on several music channels prior to its October 14th release.
A*teens Video in Thailand
Now Lilo and Stitch had Hit the theater in thailand Hope
that A*teens Fans will come to watch this movie Cuz A*teens
Sing this movie Soundtrack And Today this morning I see
Can't Help Falling in Love on Channel V <Thailand> on Number3
with Thailand Top 20 So A*teens Fans Better make it up on No.1 So
may be A*teens will come to promote this Album in Thailand Next Year

7 October 2002
Busy A*teens
This week the A*Teens are scheduled to do a ton of Swedish TV
and Radio promotion, including a LIVE performance of Floorfiller
next Sunday on Channel 1's Open Sunday

8 October 2002
Other A*Teens News:
Following up a T2 Rumor that Marie Serneholdt from the
A*Teens might be considering a solo career you might want to check out

Hi Jeremy!
Don't worry, A-Teens is my number one priority
right now and we have so much work ahead of us right now,
I mean we haven't released our album in Europe yet! A-teens
will be around as long as we think it's fun and as long as people want us!
Of course I still have dreams, and to have a solo career is one of them.

Love marie
Carpe Diem

At the A*Teens discussion board Marie confirmed that
she has dreams of a solo career when being in the
A*Teens is no longer fun. No matter which way you look
at it - we'll hopefully have a lot more tunes from Marie to look forward too!
The release date for the upcoming A*Teens DVD single for
Floorfiller has changed from October 8th to October 29th .
You can preorder it at BestBuy.com for $9.99.
A*Teens visited MTV Europe yesterday on the Scandinavian show Up North.
During the interview the A*Teens hinted at a few news worthy items:

- A*Teens are going back to New York in about 2 weeks time.
Then in November they will be off to Mexico to perform.
- In mid-November they'll be back in Sweden and recording
some new songs that they will add to the European-version of Pop 'Til You Drop.
-They are currently considering to change the name of the album from
Pop 'Til You Drop to something else.
- The album will not be out in Europe
(with the exception of Sweden) until after Christmas.
- They are currently planning on a European tour in the spring of 2003.
They also answered some questions from viewers:
- Amit said he wasn't single anymore
- Dhani said he was single.
- Sara said she was studying for her drivers license, and she will take the test
when she comes back to   Stockholm in November.

10 October 2002
Yesterday the A*Teens did several TV/Radio appearances.
They started out the morning at 7:00am at RIX FM. Listeners
were treated to a 30 minute appearance with them answering the regular questions.
They closed out the interview by answering what were the three best things
about being a Popstar - Free Food, Free Taxis, and all the Airline Mileage Points
they accumulate from all their traveling.
Shortly after that they stopped by another large Radio Network in Sweden, MIX Megapol.
They were on by 8:00am and stayed on for almost an hour. Once again,
it was your regular news although during the segment there they all got a massage
from a woman who was on the program (I'm guessing that's the 4th best thing about
being a Popstar - free massages!)

Later at 6:30pm they visited the Live talk show Wimans on ZTV. They were on for
almost half an hour and talked quite a bit about their tour in the U.S. During the
interview the moderator actually called a record store in Boston (live) and asked how
many records they had sold of the A*Teens. Apparently, it was an interesting event
as it unfolded live!

Tomorrow (later today US time) the A*Teens will be visiting TV 4's morning show Lattjo Laban.
They'll also be recording Channel 1's Open Sunday including a performance of Floorfiller.

On Friday they'll be making an appearance on Channel 1's Spinn and Sara plans on
making a solo appearance later that night on Your Opinion. The show features current
music videos and Sara will be offering her opinion on them. It will be interesting to hear
what music and videos she's into these days.

Sunday evening will be their biggest exposure when Open Sunday airs on Channel 1.
(Special thanks to Stefan for his assistance on gathering the news)
Copy News From T2<The best of all Site>
Oh, one more thing! Disney has announced the release date for Lilo and Stitch.
You can count on the A*Teens video for Can't Help Falling In Love being
included on the DVD. The big question is... which version?

13 October 2002
The A*Teens made a 30 minute appearance in Channel 1's chart show
Spinn yesterday afternoon. Their hot single Floorfiller ended up at number
three on the top 10 viewers request chart.
Once again, it was the usual questions... so here's the answers
to questions you probably haven't heard.

They were asked if they voted in the Swedish parlament-election in September.
They all said they did use their opportunity to vote
(except Sara who couldn't since she wasn't 18).
They preferred to keep their opinions to themselves and didn?t want
to mention who they voted for though.

There were also some questions about the U.S. and what cities they
like the most. Amit said he prefers New York but the others actually said Chicago.
Dhani said that if it wasn't for the fact that it's so hard to get around in L.A
without a car he would have prefered that city.

Some other interesting questions were about the ages of the A*Teens fans
in different parts of the world. Apparently the U.S. and Sweden have the oldest A*Teens fans.
They also stated that the fans are younger in South America and Asia.

The A*Teens also talked about friends and how difficult it is to be away from them for so long.
In the last year they have grown to have more common friends in the band.
Nowdays the four of them are spending much more time together in their
spare time in Stockholm than what they did 2-3 years ago. (Amazingly they
don't even seem to be bored with each other even after being on tour for four months straight.)

Later in the evening Sara made her appearance in ZTV?s Your Opinion.
The show features a panel of "music experts" who say their opinion on new
music videos that are played. This panel usually consists of people who absolutely
don't like the kind of music that A*Teens record. So it's rather surprising that
one of the A*Teens were invited, and a very important chance for them to reach
a new audience. It was the first time (at least in Swedish television) that one of the
A*Teens were on TV speaking about something else than their own music.
Apparently ZTV did invite one of them and Sara said that she and Marie did a
lotto drawing about who of them that were gonna go, and she won.

Sara made a very mature and impressive appearance. She received some
tough questions from the rest of the panel but she wasn?t afraid of telling
them her opinion. She made a very good impression. Unfortunately all of the
music videos featured were mostly Swedish bands never heard outside of Sweden.

15 October 2002
Little bit with A*teens
The A*Teens single “Floorfiller” is officially released in Sweden.
The Entertainment Business in Sweden are currently buzzing
about the future of Sara and Marie from the A*Teens.
An increasing amount of decision makers are becoming convinced
that when the A*Teens days are over that they will have a
great opportunity in Show Business.
Some of you may have noticed on Friday that Charles Klapow
(A*Teens Dancer/Choreographer) posted a new teaser video clip
from the Pop ‘Til You Drop Tour at his web site. It features Sara onstage,
Marie on the street, and Dhani giving himself a Gatorade shower. Check it out!

24 October 2002
Breaking news About Album release date
After been Checking with Universal Music Thailand the resault was It Haven't Been Confirm tha
t The Third Albums (Pop ' TiL you Drop) will be release in Thailand or Asia because
This albums May be the Special album that release in USA with the Soundtrack from
the motion Movie Lilo and Stitch Cuz Now at Universal Music Thailand have
not receive the Label of this Album you can see that Before Hmv <Japan> had annouce that
Pop' Til you Drop will release in Japan on 9 October 2002 but it been Cancelled and now

From the News from Tommy Website
The album will not be out in Europe
(with the exception of Sweden) until after Christmas

So for the people that waiting for this Album to release in Thailand
you have to wait for a long Time .
Repeat that This news Not Confirm that
This Third Album will be The Special one It MAY be but on this time it Not Sure .

25 October 2002
Happy Birthday to Sara
Another year pass so fast A*TEENSTH wish for the best thing for Sara
and hope you will be the most popular singer of the world Best wishes is for your this year
will bring all of Luck for you
Tons of love

27 October 2002
Cd Reminder

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28 October 2002
A*TEENSTH Special Scoop from Dhani
Hey guys!
Hope everybody's doing good. We came backfrom holland last night,
we were there for two days doing some shows anda morning show.
We're back now in sweden doing some recording for the european and asian album,
until wednesday when we all going for a vacation for 4 days, its gonna be pretty nice!
Then the work in mexico gonna start, Im SO excited about that!

Take care everyone
Talk to you soon...


Dhani Told US That The Third Albums had been recording fo
r A new Song with the diffrent version in other Country like EU and ASIA and for
a New Name too but now we Don't know what is the New name of Pop' TiL you Drop
but i hope that it will release soon i will Catch this for you All

29 October 2002
Happy Birthday Amit
Time is very fast it run like water but not Came back
now Amit grow up for 1 years
A*TEENSTH wish you for the bets of Luck that
will make you Success for you Future life