A*teens Thailand

1 November 2002
Floorfiller up from 5 to 4 <Sweden>
This week "Floorfiller" climbs the swedish single charts one position up to #4.
1 (1) Las Ketchup - The ketchup song (asereje)
2 (4) Nelly Feat Kelly Rowland - Dilemma
3 (2) T.a.t.u. - All the things she said
4 (5) A Teens - Floorfiller
5 (3) Hekan Hellstr?m - Kom igen lena
6 (6) Robyn - Keep this fire burning
7 (8) The Sounds - Living in america
8 (7) Eminem - Cleanin' out my closet
9 (9) Avril Lavigne - Complicated
10 (11) Christina Aguilera Feat. Redman - Dirrty
Floorfiller Release date <German>
Polydor Records just said that the german release date for
"Floorfiller" will be the 11/25/02.
Download Problem
I had Link the Download page to But ToDay they mail to me
and told me that i Can't Copy their Link So i Design to link Video page to
Planet A*teens Site Hope my Reader will understand.

4 November 2002

A*teens 2 Rumours

Ok Today we Got some Rumoure from the A*teens and the first is the A*teens
are changing the "Teens" part in their name But now i Got the Answer They told us that No,
they are not changing their names. Backstreet Boys are not boys, and kept their name,
and the A*Teens said they don't want to, cuz it would cause confussion,
and it would just be better to keep it as is
The Last Rumour is there was gonna be a Disney Mania special with all the artist on the CD
(Including A*Teens!!). I don't know if it was gonna be a concert or a TV special.
But this Rumour is not Confirm well i will try my Best

5 November 2002
Amit Say I wanna have More time for Break Dance

Now we Got some News form Amit that He Wanna have More Time To Practice
His Break Dance <Break Dance is one Kind of Dance But you have to be Very Strong
but it pretty Cool if you Can Done it> He Told us That When A*teens Perform "Slam"
there is one part of the Song that He and Dhani have to Dance with the Break Dance Step
So he Afraid that it may be Not good as he expect because Lack of Practice
<Notice Dhani Have Some Break Dance Shot in MV Upside Down>
However Dhani Have More Time Than Amit had So He had a Little Nervous .

6 November 2002
A*teens Head To Mexico
A-Teens will be in Mexico throughout this weekend to promote their new album,
as well as to participate on an event celebrating
the Swedish Royal family's visit to that country.
Marie And Sara in The Fans Thought
Did you ever notice how in the Mamma Mia video,
Marie is the one who is picking up the glass in the begginning, and in Super Trouper,
she's the one hanging out of the poster? Also, in the Dancing Queen video,
she's the one who gets up in the begginning and puts the cd on.
She also gets more close ups than the other A*teens. What do you Think ???
AnS:: It did seem like that on the first cd,
because Marie sang most of the lead,
but by the TS cd came out all of them had more of a lead on the songs

8 November 2002
Charles Klapow Surprise The A*TeeNS
as we Know that Charles was the One Of A*teenS Dancer And he have His Own Site Too .
Now he Want To Surprise The A*TeeNS by Make A Pool About make the A*TeeNS cd <Greatest Hit>
By Collect the Song from the 3 Albums Choose by the A*TeeNS Fans in A*TeeNS BoarD You Can
Join This Project In The A*TeeNS.Com Board or Click HeRe

9 November 2002
German Push Back Floorfiller release date
The releasedate for "Floorfiller" was pushed back to the 12/09/02 in Germany.
A*TeeNS CD Collector Don't 4 Get to Buy it
A*TeeNS Cheer Leader

I got this From One of Web FansClub See it by Ur Self

10 November 2002

A*TeeNS New Dancer
The A-Teens have a new dancer! Grant Lorenzo will be filling in for
Christian due to Christian's busy school schedule.
A*TeeNS Team Told that we will miss you Christian :( You are still part of the family.
Swedish Hits Music Awards
Swedish Hits Music Awards performance had confirmed! that
A*TeeNS Will Join This Programme for Sure that willl be on 17 November 2002
and the Other performers include Westlife, Robyn, and Dannii Minogue (Kylie's sister)

12 November 2002
A*TeeNS Schedule

The A*Teens are featured today in fullpage segment in Aftonbladet
(see Aftonbladet photo above of the A*Teens on motorcycles borrowed from the police in Mexico).
According to Aftonbladet they'll be heading off to Scandinavian countries to do heavy promotion this
January when their album is released.
Then they'll be gearing up for a full blown Scandinavian tour around Easter.
Marie says she very excited it about it as they haven't toured in Sweden in four years!
Sara went out to mention how much fun it will be since their audience is much older,
and their taking the group more serious these days. During their time in Mexico
they did a special performance for King and Queen of Sweden. Apparently it was quite a blast
as they sang along with the songs and even danced and Dhani ended up giving Queen Silvia a kiss on the cheek!

13 November 2002
A*TeeNS Interview
Following up on the A*Teens interview in OKEJ here's the rest of the highlights from the feature.
They mentioned that the U.S. has become their second home and have many American friends.
While they like taking in the movies and shopping Marie says it's much different than in Stockholm
where everything is more close to you. She said even though she loved being on tour their was
nothing like the feeling of coming home to Stockholm. Among the things
she missed was being able to lie down, watch TV, and relax. Despite all of their record sales
they still are normal individuals. Sara said when we get home,
we still have to clean, wash-up and cook. That will never change - believe me!

14 November 2002

A*TeeNS Live Video Chatting

Last Thursday A-Teens made a videochat in Mexico at
and now they've got some pics up... Mexico
has posted some pics of the video chat they did with A-Teens.
They can be found at Here

18 November 2002
Swedish Hit Music Awards
Remond Again A*TeeNS gonna be there! it's gonna be on 17th of november on ZTV and TV3
at the same time, there was also a telephone number to order the tickets and the web site
so if anyone needs Here it is tel: 077 131 00 00
web: Swedish Fans Don't 4 Get to Go there
A*TeeNS Third Album Release Date
Hey you guy Today i Got new Info about About Albums Release Date
1. For Sweden The Third Album will release on 26 Jan 2003
<But not Confirm that this Albums is Name PTYD it may be Change Song and Name>
2. For Thailand This Third Album Will Release on Feb 2003
<if the Other Country not Postpone the Release Date>
Note:: This Info was Not Confirm in The New Albums Name the Tracks List

20 November 2002
Video Clip from T2
The A*Teens performance Sunday night on the Swedish Hit Music Awards
generated quite a bit of positive press for them.
The most popular quote was if there would have been an award for Best Performance the
A*Teens would've won. Their set featured a remixed version of Floorfiller with dancers
and extremely tight choreography. Chucky Klapow definitely got over with the crowd big time!
After the show, the A*Teens attended a party at the famous nightclub Cafe Opera.
In addition to all the artists, Swedish Princess Madeleine was in attendance.
This week the A*Teens will be hosting MTV Europe's show Up North.

Here's a few video clips from MTV Europe's Up North. Please note this is a 2.8 meg
Quicktime Download and unfortunately comes WITHOUT sound. Click here to view the A*Teens!
All Done for Today

Hi you guys, at last we are all done with the photoshoot, more than 13 LONG hours
is to end. But its gonna be SO good, just wait and see.
Sweden Another day is to end..
We had loads of fun shooting the cover and the booklet for the rerelease of the album.
As Dhani wrote earlier today studio recordings wait the next coming days and next week.
After that its almost christmas, at least time for some christmas shopping.
Magnus and Victor has promised that some more pics from the photoshoot will be up on the site
during this week, so keep your eyes open.
Thanks to all you guys that helped out with the shooting today!!
This is it for today, we're off home to get some food and sleep now.

Take care you all....
Marie & Amit
Work Hard

We're half done with the photoshoot, getting a bit tired but we're still going strong.
Sweden We hope to be done before midnight, but you never know..
We totally got 4 changes and we're done with 1 and a half. (We've been here since 9..)
This is the part all you should go AAAWWHHHH.... :)
This morning our dancer flew back to L.A, they've been here since thursday
for the Swedish Hit Music Awards, that was so much fun. (For you guys that did'nt see it,
we did a really cool remix performance of "Floorfiller".
This whole week is scheduled for studio and the coming week to.
Now we're playing some of the new songs we recorded 2 weeks ago.

Gotta go back shooting
One Love


And yes... me and Amit are still singles.

23 November 2002
Little Bit

Now we Know that Marie And Sara The A*TeeNS was on Cover of Frida magazine
there are some interest fact That Sara Talk ABout her Boyfriends
name Jonus he was Member of LMNT
And hey there may be Something with He and Sara I Think !!!
Talk of the Town
The talk of the town in Sweden continues to be about how Chucky Klapow
lit up the stage at the Swedish Hit Music Awards while performing with the A*Teens. Currently,
there are a few magazines interested in doing a feature on him,
and a even the possibility of a cover! If

26 November 2002
Die another day

On Friday the A*Teens made an appearance at Stockholm's premiere of James Bond Die Another Day.
Several celebrities showed for the event including Pierce Brosnan.
Above you'll see a picture of Amit (with His Sister),
Sara, and Marie with the A*Teens stylist Sanna.

27 November 2002
Behind the Screen
Today we got something for you all again that is Behind the Screen of Can't Help Falling in Love
the Short Video in Video Clips To see this Click the A*TeeNS Clips Up there

29 November 2002
Talk About The A*TeeNS
Ok Today we Got 3 News About the A*TeeNS First is About Sara
Sara was on Swedish TV3's entertainment-show "Extra" on 27 Nov 2002.
There was a report from the "Die another day" premiere this weekend.
They asked her what her favourite Bond-soundtrack was. She said "goldeneye"
and even sang a short part of it.And the other one is About the Totp Mag
There is an articel about A*Teens in the Swedish version of the magazin Top Of The Pops this month!
They have interviewd Marie about the CD and tour and USA and so on. It's two pages!!.
and the laste News is A*TeeNS Schedule
The A*Teens are scheduled to perform at the finale of
Channel 3's Fame Factory in Stockholm on December 7th.