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2 Decembcer 2002
Talk with Sara in Her New Column "Sara Says"

Today i Have Go to A*TeeNS.Com the Home of our A*TeeNs and Yeah Guess what
Sara had opens her own Column name "Sara Says"

5 Decembcer 2002
Win the CD with A*TeeNS.Com

Choose what outfit you like the best on A-Teens and win a signed copy of the new album!
Sweden As you probably knew, A-Teens had a photoshooting in late November
for the album being released early 2003.Now we're curious which outfits you like the best.
Therefore we've set up a page where you can vote on different outfits
A-Teens used during the photoshooting.
To plat you must have your Account at A*TeeNS.Com Click here to go
A*TeeNS IN Sweden

The A*Teens stop by a party after the Swedish Hit Music Awards!

Over the weekend, the European TV Network Canal celebrated its 5th Anniversary.
Here's a picture of A*Teen, Marie Serneholt with Mikael Bindefeld who organized the party.
After the event a handful of guest including Marie were invited to the Nightclub Sinners.
Marie was not the only one making an appearance over the weekend,
club hoppers were in for a treat at SpyBar when Dhani Lennevald took to the dance floor.
The crowd went crazy for his technomoves.

6 December 2002
Marie Letter
I hope everyone's good. I feel great even though I just ate so much I feel like I'm gonna explode!:)
This week we've been in the studio recording some new tracks for the album.
-It?s so much fun! Can't wait for all of you to hear it! Anyway,
just wanted to pop ('til you drop) in and say hi!;)
Take care, and remember, "Life is like a box of chocolate... "

8 December 2002
Amit Interview
According to Amit the European version of the new album goes under
the workingname "New arrival". Amit also says that A*Teens will tour in Europe and Asia after
the Scandinavian tour around easter.

A-Teens rehearsing for Faddergalan

On Monday, A-Teens are to perform live during the Swedish TV-show “Faddergalan”,
the show is for raising money to the Plan International-child foundation.

Sweden A-Teens will perform with the latest single “Floorfiller”, also on stage with them are 17 kids from
“Lasse Khulers School of dance”. We met the during rehearsals yesterday.

Deep down under ground in a rehearsal studio we meet Sara, Dhani and Amit together
with the students and their teacher Eva Jonsson from “Lasse Khulers School of dance”
that are performing on stage with A-Teens on Monday. Its the last big day of practice
before the live broadcast. “Faddergalan” is a show with the purpose of raising money
for Plan International, a foundation working around the globe helping children in need.
All the members in A-Teens are now sponsors through Plan International.

“The children from Lasse Khulers have been working hard on the choreography
for the number and are all doing really great” says Sara.

“Faddergalan” will be shown on Swedish TV4 on Monday at 20.00.
Floorfiller Release Date
Polydor.De say that Single Floorfiller Will release on 23 Dec 2002
Before Chrismas for Sure and There are some Rumour that this
Single will have floorfiller MV too

11 December 2002
Update Calendar
Today we have Update the Calendar Zone hope you all will like it
and for Thai Fans who Love to read Eng page
I have to Told you that Now in the Thailand page have a Very SpeCial Zone
for Thailand Fanclub Only Don't4 Get to Check it Out

12 December 2002
New Arrival
"Pop 'til you drop" which is called "New arrival"-right now will be released in Sweden
at least at January 27th. I'm glad you like your stuff:) And like Guppy said,
we don't know when the next one after that will come out.
Love Marie
Carpe Diem

Dhani @ Stacy

Last Thursday, Dhani Lennevald of the A*Teens stopped by Stacy's Nightclub
to celebrate their 1 year anniversary!
A*TeeNS PostCards

Today we got something about The A*TeeNS Stuff I Bet You All will love this one
This is the A*TeeNS Postcard it was for the promotional of the
A*TeeNS Pop ‘ Til you Drop 2002 Summer tour
Their  fans that go to Watch them will get this one too and if you wanna have it
Try on Bidding at

16 December 2002
More on New Arrival
The A*Teens have announced the official title for their new European Release!
The repackaging of Pop 'Til You Drop is complete and will be go by the name New Arrival.
Look for new titles and different versions of songs that were featured on Pop 'Til You Drop.
Earlier this year, Amit said he would have more singing parts on the Euro release.
This CD will release on 27 January 2003 in Sweden

17 December 2002
Floorfiller Live @ Swedish Hits Music Awards
Today Planet-A*TeeNs have Upload the New "Featured Video".
It is the full length clip of the "Floorfiller" Live performance at Swedish Music Awards.
Download the awesome choreography of the four here.

21 December 2002
The Grynets Show
Today the A*Teens will be making an appearance on the Grynets Show (Swedish TV).
The feature should include a discussion about the upcoming
New Arrival European CD to be released on January 27th.

26 december 2002
A*TeenS Feature in Lilo and Stitch DVD

Yesterday i had buy the Lilo and Stitch DVD guess what there something
About A*TeeNS Too Short Mv of Can't Help Falling in Love
This Clip have Been Cut Down from about 4 Min to 1 Min Pretty Cool ha!!
and The Special one is Can't Help falling in Love Disney End Credit Version
Very Great Nice Song This Song will appears when The Movies was Ends
if you wanna here this Clip you have to buy the DVD
or may be We can get you this Clip