Name : Amit Sebastian Paul
Callingname : only Amit
Date of birth : 29th October 1983 in Boden (North of Sweden)
Star sign : Scorpion
Haircolor : black
Eyecolor : brown
Tallness : 1.79 m
Weight : 64 kg
Family : Father Swaraj Mother Ann- Christin , little sister Mandi
Girlfriend : No (ex-girlfriend)
Pets : No
Hobbies : dancing, computer, music, ski, inline skating , play golf
Favourite color : yellow, white, warm yellow like in my room
Favourite meal : steak with vegetables and potatoes
                                 Ferrari bilar Candy, and other
Favourite drink : Jolt Cola
Favourite actor : Bjrn Kjellman, Sean Connery
Favourite TV : Seinfeld
Favourite Band : New Radicals
Favourite CD : Eminem - Slim Shady LP
Favourite ABBA-song : People need love, He is a brother
Favourite film : all Star Wars episodes, The Rock 2
Favourite book : Master of Rings, Robert Jordan
Most embrassing moment : Too many. I cannot remind me
                                                      of a special one.
First buyed CD : someone sampler CD
Favourite hairstyle : short shaved
Fear : darkness
Would named his kids : Ove (boy) and Pernilla (girl)

Amit ' s Autograph
Know more on Amit !
Amit is real internet freak and he is surfing the whole web,
also the german fan sites because he speaks good german.
Sometimes he is chatting with the fans and also he's chatting
anonym, sometimes Sara is also chatting together with Amit
and than they have a lot of fun! Amit plays pretty good piano.
Amit is a kind of musical head of the band, he compose self
at the piano or at the computer.
He lives at his parents in Spanga, Sweden.