Name : John Dhani Lennevald
Callingname : Dhani
Date of birth : July 24th 1984, Danderyds Hospital in Stockholm
Star sign : Lion
Haircolor : Blond
Eyecolor : Blue
Tallness : 1.83 m
Weight : 70 kg
Family : Father Bejje Mother Elisabeth , Older sister Dinah
Girlfriend : No
Pets : two "big fat" cats Molle and Elvis, two birds
Hobbies : Dancing, Computers, mobile-phones, diving
                     meeting friends
Favourite color : blue, white
Favourite meal : chickenfilet with Avoryrice, Soda pops Candy
Favourite drink : Coca Cola and Hallonsoda
Favourite actor : Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Robert Gustavsson
Favourite TV : Late Night Show with Luuk
Favourite musician : Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Rahzel
Favourite CD : Green Day, Eric Claptons "Unplugged",
                             Tracy Chapman
Favourite ABBA-song : Lay All Your Love On Me, Mamma Mia
Favourite film : Star Wars
Favourite book : Forrest Gump
Most embrassing moment : Where shall I begin?

Dhani ' s Autograph
Know more on Dhani !
Dhani is the the stabilizing element of the A*Teens.
In contrast to Marie and Sara he gives the impression
of being a bit shy. Dhani is a comupter expert.
He sends mails from all over the world to his friends and family.
Dhani and Amit are real buddies. He loves music.
He plays E-Guitar and he even write songs.
As a child Dhani often sailed with his fathers ship.
Dhani love Thailand he used to come to Thaialnd
Whenever he have a Break Time