Name : Marie Eleonor Serneholt
Callingname : Marre, Whipz, Skalleper, Dancing Queen
Date of birth : July 11th 1983, Stockholm
Star sign : Cancer
Haircolor : Blond
Eyecolor : Blue
Tallness : 1.74 m
Weight : 57kg
Family : Father Ronny and Mother Lotta, older sister Malou
                older brother Jonas
Boyfriend : Yes
Pets : none, but she loves dogs and dolphins
Hobbies : Singing, dancing, theatre, cooking, her diary
                    meeting friends, soccer, basketball
Favourite color : red, pink, black, grey, white
Favourite meal : "Shall I say sweets? No, but I love pasta
                                  roastbeef and potato salad
Favourite drink : Coca Cola
Favourite actor : Alexander Skarsgrd
Favourite TV : "I love soaps, Friends, MTV"
Favourite musician : Backstreet Boys, Westlife
                                        Whitney Housten, Robyn
Favourite CD : Robyn "My Truth"
Favourite ABBA-song : Our Last Summer, Mamma Mia
                                              Summer Night City, Dancing Queen
Favourite film : Show me Love, Star Wars

Marie ' s Autograph
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Marie, the oldest in the band, is a real tally romantic boys are
boring. She wants a boy-friend, which whom she can laugh and
have fun. comedian. She always makes nonsense, pulls funny
faces and makes jokes. She loves shopping with her mother or
training aerobic. Marie keeps away from computers
("only when Amit helps me"), because she fears to break it.
But now she love to play it One time I nearly drowned in a pool,
a friend of my mother saved me. I also have been in hospital
because of high fever for a long time.