Name : Sara Helena Lumholdt
Callingname : Saris, Flumholdt
Date of birth : 25th October 1984, Karolinska Hospital in Sweden
Star sign : Scorpion
Haircolor : Brown
Eyecolor : grey-brown-blue-green
Tallness : 1.65 m
Weight : 48kg
Family : Father Peter and Mother Gunnel
                Four years older sister Anna
Boyfriend : Yes
Pets : no, but she likes dogs
Hobbies : Singing , dancing , telephone , hang around
                    with friends, flirting
Saying for your life : Live your life!
Favourite color : Blue , green
Favourite meal : Pasta, Spaghetti Bolognese
                                Salta S-Mrken Candy
Favourite drink : Coca Cola and all sorts of soda
Favourite actor : Joshua Carter Jackson and Matthew Perry
Favourite Band : Eminem , Cajsa Lisa Ejemyr
                                 Destiny's Child, Robyn and Backstreet Boys
Favourite ABBA-song : Our Last Summer , Voulez-Vous
                                              Mamma Mia , Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
                                              Dancing Queen
Favourite film : Circle Of Friends , The Fifth Element
                              The Beauty And The Beast
Afraid to : Snakes and crazy fans
Lives at : Taby (a small town near Stockholm) at her mother
Would named her kids : Peter (boy) and Emmelinda (girl)
Musical instrument : She playes a little bit piano
Bad habit : She gnaws her fingernails
Accident : She broked her arm as she's trying a
                    "four times backward somersault"

Sara ' s Autograph
Know more on Sara !
Sara, the youngest member of A-Teens is the "sunshine" of the
band, She's calling by her friends "Saris Flumholdt" - it's a hint
at the swedish word "flummis" - it means crazy. Her parents are
divorced at she was nine years old - so she has two rooms,
one at her dad and one at her mom, she cryed about it one week
but then was her sunny mind winning again..