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A Teens have been one of Sweden’s biggest music export of the last five years and are currently taking a well earned break after an unbroken period of touring throughout 1999 and 2004.

Yet Dhani has chosen to return to the studio in order to write and record new songs. "Girl Talk" is the introduction to Dhani’s solo career.

The record company freely admits that there hadn’t been much speculation surrounding a solo career for Dhani. On the contrary, most of the questions regarding solo careers have centred on the girls in the band.

Dhani approached the record company with five new songs, just one and a half weeks after the end of the tour. Dhani’s driving force in delivering songs of such quality in a relatively short space of time, has impress everyone concerned.

Dhani has created a new sound, assisted by producer Peter Bjorklund, in which his voice is the prime focus. First out is the single, "Girl Talk", a kind of tragicomedy concerning guys’ inability to really understand what their girl-friends are trying to say to them!

The video for "Girl Talk", directed by Mikeadelica, was filmed in a sunny Stockholm during the middle of August. Also involved in the song and the video were Denmak's biggest rap artists, Nik & Jay.

Dhani's on tour from the middle of September, also visiting the Scandinavian countries.

For more information please visit www.dhani.se or www.stockholmrecords.com