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Date : 22 November 2006
A*teens on Wikipedia

There are a lot of informations in Wikipedia for A-teens.
It's very interesting!
We'll try to put this logo ,
if there is some extra information in each topic.

Amit - MySpace

You can listen to his private song and interview on his Blog.
The blog also show what they doing now. how's his life.

Date : 14 June 2006
Dhani's gig in Sweden on June 09

Dhani Recently has a gig in Sweden To all Dhani's Fans
if you miss him , he's here and looking great see some pics below

Sara go clubing at Koket Sweden

Also Sara's Fan if you miss her she's fine and make some
appearance at the Club called Koket in Sweden.
Marie Revealed in the interview in Germany that
eventhough A*Teens has been Breaking Up
But she still keep in touch with all the member but mostly
with Dhani , Marie hasn't met Sara and Amit much !

Date : 11 June 2006
The Return of the Site and Marie

Hi guys finally a hard work and patience pay the price
Our Site is Back =) and we also want to dedicated
the new section for Marie who's coming back with
gracefull and beautifully intended with the new album
'Enjoy the Ride' you can giving her a support by
Buying the new album and Single at
Marie always happy to know that there're still
The old A*Teens Fan supporting and it's always mean a lot
to her !! you can visit the new section by click the banner
on the left site of this page or just simply click here

We also update the Download area.

Date : 1 June 2006


Dhani Goes Solo
see his interview from MTV here

The international day of A-Teens world-wide

Together with the fans around South America,
we came up with the idea of creating a project
in order to keep A-Teens alive during their break.

Date :  10 - 05 -  04   

Signing at Granby Centrum in Uppsala

A*Teens Performance and signing at Granby Centrum
in Uppsala on May 7'th featuring 2 songs Floorfiller ,
I Promised Myself . And Sara also took her little Doggie
"Lukus" to this signing too . And A*Teens also get
Da Buzz to open the signing Click Here to see all of it

Greatest Hits in Thailand

We 've been Confirm from UniverSal Music That
The Greatest Hits will release in Thailand for Sure
about 2 week after the release in Sweden.
We'll Update the Date and Tracklist Soon

Let Talk with AMIT

It's about time for a little update from Amit again,
about the new release and the promo related to it,
read his letter to the fans... Click Here

Web A-teens Thailand

Thai version & Forum

7 - 8 - 2007

What Update On !
+ Download page

From The Webmaster
We added some new sites on LINK page, which you can find new videos on those site.

sincerely yours
Toto, Pat

Fangroup No.1
Tommy 2.Net
Chucky Klapow
Amit - Paul

Our Banner !