June 15 . 2006
    Take a Chat with Marie !!!

    Hey Guys on June 21 at 17.30 CET Marie will do a webchat on the
    german childrens-website Kindercampus.de http://www.kindercampus.de/
    So if you are Die-Hard fans that live far away from Sweden also dying to
    at least have a chance to talk with her this's your chance Don't miss it !!!
    For anyone who doesn't know how to calculate the time of chatting
    here is the link for Time Zone converter
    And for Thailand the time would be June 21, 2006 at 10:30 PM

    I Need a House Single In Store Now
Today i've add The Promo version of I Need a House to Discography
    Don't forget to support Marie By Buying her CD !!!

  June 11 . 2006

    Marie currently have a busy hectic schedule for the promo tour of the new album
    'Enjoy The Ride' You can check out her latest photo from the official site
    - 2006-05-06 Bravo Super Show, Germany
    - 2006-05-26 The Dome, Germany
    - 2006-05-27 FFH, Germany

     You can also catch Marie appearance from this date
     May 19 - Sweden radio promo Voice /Travel to Finland
     May 20 - Finland, Helsinki "Stafettkarnevalen"
     May 25 - The Dome - rehearsal
     May 26 - The Dome TV performance
     May 26 - European album release date
     May 27 - Germany Radio Hit Radio FFH Hessisch - Lichtenau Hit Tour
     June 1 - Germany, Hannover, "New Yorker Store Opening"
     June 8 - Sweden RIX FM event Uppsala
     June 11 - Finland, Helsinki - Radio Nova concert in the Park
     June 15 - Sweden RIX FM event Vasteras
     July 12 - Sweden - Bastad RIX FM festival