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During the photosession last week, Sara came up with
the idea of her very own column at a-teens.com.

Sweden Here it it, Saras first column, which we call
"Sara says". Her first column is about rumours.

Everyone else has an column, I want one too.
This weeks topic is rumors, rumors and rumors.

Is Craig David really gay?
Did Christina Aguilera and Pink ever make out?
Did Justin really have an relationship with Janet Jackson?
Is it really really true that Dhani and Amit still are singles?
We're going to clear out some of these today.

The only persons that can actually answer these rumors
are themselves, but I'm going to do my best to clear
them out the way I see it. There are always weird rumors
about everyone and everything and usually most of it is crap.
I love rumors.. its what I talk about with my friends and everyone wants to know what's really true, although sometimes rumors
are still better than the truth.

We should clear out some of the rumors that's about us
in the A-Teens, first of all, Amit and Marie never had a child
together and we are just friends all of us in the band, friends,
read it again, friends. The guys are still single.. as far as I know.
Both me and Marie had a small crush on Dhani when we were
about 10 years old, but as you might know, nothing ever
happened. A while ago Amit called me up one morning
asking me if I'm really dead, he saw it one a website.
Last week Amit got hit by a bus.. NOT.
Don't listen to everything you hear and read, not all of it is true.

Yesterday I found out that a lot of people think all rumors are true,
I did some research and asked around about things
I've seen in the papers. I asked who of these
personsis most likely to be gay,
Darren Hayes, Craig David or Justin Timberlake?
Nobody said they believed that Justin is gay,
and that's a good thing for us girls.
A few thought that Darren was gay.
The most surprising thing was that most people said that
Craig has to be gay. Is he? I think not, but can't help wondering.

Every now and then I'm going to try to make a good column
for you guys, updating is easy when we are at home,
but sometimes it might take some time.
Hope you think this is going to be as fun as I do.
Thank you guys for all your support and I'll keep you posted
on what's going on the entertainment world.

For next update, I'll tell about the Christmas gifts we
bought for some few lucky fans around the world.

Make sure to check out my Happy Thanksgiving-greet
at a-teens.com

Love, Sara


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