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Have you figured out what to give away for Christmas yet?
No? Well neither have I.
Is it that you want to give away the perfect gift?
Lets talk about the Christmas craze.

Last year I told myself that it would be the final year
that I start shopping in the last minute.
But here we are, same thing all over again,
if I would have started early this year I should have done
so two weeks ago. I hate buying Christmas presents.
Its fun in the way that I love to spread around happiness,
but its so hard to find the perfect gifts.
Is it a fact that people are stressed over Christmas
because of the presents? Its pretty much the same thing
when people starts asking me what I want for Christmas,
that what get me stressed about buying the right presents.

Here at home, in Stockholm, is a prefect place to shop
for presents,
but, there is no way to find anything among
the thousands of people during the entire Christmas rush.
But if you decide to give it a shot you really should try to be
at the stores the first hour they are open in the morning
and the last hour before the close.
I hate buying Christmas presents.

Dad - a tie
Mom - oven mittens
Sis - a number 10 selling CD-album
Best friend - clothing
Cousin - tickets to a preimeremovie
Grandparents - something homemade and a box of chocolate

This is how it ends up every single year,
these are the typical giveaways.
But the hardest of them all, girlfriend/boyfriend,
I never figured that one out.

Since last time I wrote I've been thinking about what to
get to give away here on the site.
First I went shopping, then I went home to Amit
and looked through his closet.
Pretty soon you are all going to find out what I found.
A lucky few of you are going to get something really special
from all of us on Christmas. Something we never done before,
things we never given away, really looking forward to it.

To wrap this up I just wanted to thank you all for the nice things
you've said about my column. I've been reading about what
you've said on the discussion board and its so great
that you like what I do. This feels like a great way to involved
with the website and you guys.
I love writing this and be so sure that I will keep on doing the column.

So make sure to stay away from all those crazy Christmas
out in the stores.

Until next time..

Sincerely yours, Sara


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