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Finally! Christmas is here. Tomorrow we will find out what's
really in those presents under the Christmas tree.
Late last night, when everyone else was asleep,
I sneaked downstairs to exam all the Christmas presents.
I know for a fact now that half of them are to me.

Here in Sweden we celebrate Christmas and open
our presents on the 24'th, this is how our day looks like:
We wake up and the first thing we do is eat porridge in the morning
, I know it sounds gross, but some people
DO like it, its kind of one of the traditions during Christmas.

Sometimes when you have nagged on mom enough you
might get to open one of your presents during breakfast,
most likely one of the smaller and boring ones.
After that its many hours of long long waiting for the rest
of the presents. Around 2pm the Christmas table is set,
of you've never seen one.. its pretty amazing.

It might be a bit over 25 dishes on it, sill, agg, potatis,
kottbullar, prinskorvar, Janssons frestelse, skinka,
ris ala malta and many many other things.
But you better hurry up with the eating cause you got to be
ready at 3pm to watch Kalle Anka, Donald Duck, on television.
Every single year, Donald Duck and his friends,
its something that you really have to watch, its always the same
things but each year there is a clip of the new Disney movies in it.

-Knock knock, and everyone jumps up and screams, -IT'S SANTA!

I know my column this time is a little shorter than before,
but I just wanted to tell you a bit more about Christmas
here in Sweden. For now I better get back to wrapping presents.

Hope you all have a really marry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Take good care and have lots of fun
Merry X-Mas, Sara


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