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Hey guys, how is the new year!?
For us there is just one thing to say, itís gonna be a crazy year!
For me, the year started with a huge party.
Me and my best friend held a party for 150 people,
all our friends were there.

It was -20 Celsius/-4 Fahrenheit outside and all afternoon
I dragged stuff to the party, spent pretty much all day outside
just trying to get everything fixed on time. I didnít really party
that much myself, arranging a party like this one isnít all that easy.
After the winter hollidays we had our first meeting with
the record company and all that we really found out was
that we are gonna have SO much to do the next months.

ÖBut now I got a huge secret to tell you, I canít keep silent anymore,
hot exclusive news just for you - A-Teens are going to Cuba!
We are going to record our next video there in the beginning
of February. Its the first time we will record a video in
an exotic place, it has always been Sweden, Germany
or the U.S. We are all really looking forward to it and at
this moment I write this, it still hasnít been finally decided
which song that will be the next single, so we donít know which
song to sing for the recordings of the video.

At the moment we are planning our Nordic-tour, the dates
has been set and we are rehearsing the acts, itís been
a few months ďoff stageĒ, so we need to freshen up a bit
on the acts and there are some new songs added to New Arrival.
Its gonna be so much fun singing here at home again,
itís been a long time now. We got the entire band coming over,
all the dancers and everything, itís gonna be a great time!

I know that many of you have been wondering about
what happend to me and Jonas, so I wanted to tell you whatís
really going on. Jonas and I broke up - its just too hard getting
it to work with the distance that is between us.
He lives in the U.S and its just too far.
But we are still really really good friends and we are gonna
keep it that way. He is a great guy.

As I bet you know, we had a performance in Stockholm, at NK,
and I must admin, I havenít been this nervous in a long long time.
I think the same goes for the others too. Itís so different being home
performing when friends and family is watching.
The last 15 minutes before we got up on stage was really hard,
I didnít know what to do with myself. But everything went just great,
we sang three songs, Floorfiller,
Heartbreak Lullay and a kind of reggae-version of
To The Music.. with some reggaestylerapthingy
that Dhani and Amit did. It was really fun to feel that
we were back home again.

Itís gonna be a hectic spring, we got a bunch of TV-shows and interviews to be at all over Europe, signings and performances
AND concerts. Cause of this, I donít know how often
I will be able to update my column,
but I will do my best to let you all know whats going on.

Next week we have a promotion-tour around Sweden with
signings and small performances.
Its going to be fun to meet people back here in Sweden,
we havenít really been doing so much here at home
for the last years.

Make sure to keep your eyes open, you will be seeing
and hearing a lot more of usÖ

Sincerely yours, Sara


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