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A Perfect Match!

Hey guys, sorry for not updating in a while, but I think you all
knowthat we have been pretty busy and away a lot lately.
But I wanted to reveal a few things about "A Perfect Match",
so here we go...

I'm sure you have all heard about the next single from the album
"New Arrival", "A Perfect Match"; well make sure you are sitting
comfortable because I am going to tell you all
about the recording of our new video.

First of all the flight from Stockholm to Cuba, or well, it was really
from Stockholm to Madrid, 6 hours in Spain window-shopping
and drinking coffee and then off to Cuba.
The entire trip from Sweden took about 20 hours.
Not all that fun, but we pretty much slept through most of it.
Finally in Cuba when we arrived at our hotel we went to sleep,
heavily jetlagged.

The first day was a soft-start of our week in a totally different environment than we are used to.
The video-crew had set up a salsa-course for us that we went
to on our first day of the stay. All I can say about the salsa-dancing
is that Marie and I laughed our butts off at the guys trying to move
their hips to the salsa-rhythms. No more salsa for us, but it was
really fun to try it. The following three days was filled with lying
on the beach in the sun and shopping in the city.
It is a really cool country to see and experience in every way.

I'm sure you want to hear more about the video,
so I'll tell you a bit about the story in it. It is all about a perfect match, about a guy and a girl from very different backgrounds.
It all starts with the guy working on his trashy car when a huge
limousine drives up with this beautiful girl dropping something
out of the window; the story is about them and their perfect match.
We had a really great time doing it and at no point
did it really feel like we were actually recording a video,
we are so used to have this huge choreography to them and
styling and make-up, but it all went so smoothly, so easily.
There is this one scene that I remember really well cause it was
so cool to shoot. We were dancing in water and the camera
starts off on our reflections in the water,
slowly moves in closer and tilts up at us, really cool.
It is going to be terrific to see everything put together,
hopefully we will get to see the results of everyone's hard work
on Sunday and then the video will be up at A-Teens.com
during next week.

There are also pictures from Cuba that will be posted here
on the site soon. Cant wait to hear what you guys think of it all.

I really really hope everyone knows about me having gotten
my drivers license now. I got it on Valentines Day
and I'm SO proud of it. But boy was I nervous,
I felt sick all day on my way to do the test.
Here in Sweden it is divided in a written test and then the final test
where we get to drive with this supervisor.
When I got to the place where
I was going to the test there was some mix-up,
first I had gotten the wrong time and then they said I was at the
wrong place, that didn't make me less nervous at all.
But finally there was one guy who said that that
he could do the test with me and it was so great with him,
if felt just like I was out driving with friends,
I wasn't nervous at all anymore. After driving for 30 minutes we came back to where we started, he asked me to turn off the engine
and then he said, this went really well,
congratulations to your license. YAY for me!

Well this is about it for this time, hope you enjoyed the update,
I hope to be able to post about the tour next time.
Take care everyone..

Sincerely yours, Sara


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