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What's going on!?

Hi all, a lot has happened since last time i wrote, weíve been on
a little tour and had a LOT of signings at home here in Sweden.

Itís been great to meet all our Swedish fans at the concerts and signings, really fun to see that we kept the fans even if we havenít
been playing here for a long long time. People have asked
why we didnít have more concerts during the Swedish tour,
and its pretty easy, we wanted to try it out, see if our fans were
still with us. The tour went great, we had a great time
with the band, the dancers and all the fans that came to see us.

We also had a signing tour here in Sweden, first one week before the
concert tour when we went by ourselves and then a week after the
concerts when we went with Shebang that opened for us during the tour and with the Swedish artist Mendez.
The result of it all showed pretty fast when ďA Perfect MatchĒ
the first signing week entered the single charts at third place
and climbed to second place the second week. Awesome.
But not only that, we got to meet a LOT of great fans all around Sweden. I think we all signed our names tens of thousands
of times this spring. But every time I meet a fan that I
sign my name for, it is ALWAYS as great to look them in the eyes
and see how glad they are to meet us.
Sometimes, when weíve had a several signings the same day
and there is a huge crowd waiting, it might get a bit boring,
so we came up with something to make it a bit more fun, itís pretty
simple; we try to come up with different ways to say hi to everyone.
It can get pretty fun sometimes. We got a lot of presents
during the signings, but the best one I got was this book with
poems that a guy gave me when we were in Malmo,
Iíve read it from cover to cover, really great.

I am sure most of you seen pictures from the concert at Annexet,
but if not, check the photo section here on the site.

For now we have a little time off, itís been a hectic spring.
So while I am here writing my column, Dhani is in Thailand in the sun,
do we like that? I think not. I sure hope he updates you a bit on
whatís going on when he gets back. Amit and Marie are home
here in Stockholm just relaxing, Amit is studying as usual.

Are you curious about what we are up to during the summer?
So are weÖ
The thing we are talking about right now is more of Sweden
and then Europe, it has been a great spring and we want more
of that, also we need to do more promotion in the rest of Europe.
But nothing is really sure yet, we all have to wait and see.
But we hope to be a lot in Sweden during the summer,
perhaps perform during a few festivals here; summer is
Sweden is the best summer one can have.

Well, thatís all for now, hope you are all doing
great and see you soon again.

Sincerely yours, Sara


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